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Pizza with friends.
Had no one to take the pic for us - the cool way to go around this problem nowadays is to do a “selfie” or use a “selfie pod”. But I’d rather go ancient and just place my camera on a table and set it on timer. Voila. A better looking photo is shot.

The Jacket

John: That jacket suits you well.

Jane: You think so? Thanks.

John: Where’d you get it?

Jane: Oh, someone gave it to me as a present.

John: Nice. (and then looks at Jane waiting for a reply)

Jane: What?

John: I was hoping you’d also compliment my jacket. You know, people give compliments to receive compliments.

Jane: Ah John, when will you stop joking around?

John: When I start telling the truth.

Jane: Another joke. Funny, John.

John: I think I better start now.

Jane: Start what?

John: By saying that I love you. I’ve always have, but I know you wouldn’t want to hear it being said to you, especially not from me..

Jane: John..

John: I’m scared of you, Jane. I’m scared of this moment.. I’ve always pictured a great scene where I’d be able to tell you how I feel, wherein there would be a happy ending, but I-

Jane: John, I-

John: ..can’t seem to find the right moment. And I’m sure there won’t be a happy ending. I’m just me.

Jane: John, I love you too.

John: Wait what?

Jane: Stop being scared. I’m just me, too.

John: You- love me.. too?

Jane: Yes John. And I just realized now.

John: Jane, thank you.

Jane: No, thank you- for this jacket. It really does look good on me.

Rhian Ramos loves adventure.
BTS - GMA7 Station ID Shoot 2012

Candid (yet still beautiful) photo of Heart Evangelista.
BTS - GMA7 Station ID Shoot 2012

Tricia “kickin’ it”.  
Bangui Wind Mills - Ilocos Norte, Philippines

My officemate Almon tries a skateboard trick.

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City Philippines

Calle Crisologo, Vigan City Philippines

Tested if the shoe’s really waterproof. It is.

My trusty pair

Oktaves at the #MYXMO 2012 @elybuendiaMUSIC

Armi |UDD

Mike Dizon | Sandwich